Maelfa Shopping Centre Redevelopment

Maelfa Shopping Centre Redevelopment

Date Published 14 February 2014

The redevelopment of the Maelfa Shopping Centre is part of the regeneration of Cardiff within the Councils Corporate Plan. The master plan drawn up in 2007, was to address issues in the poor shopping environment, very high levels of retail vacancy, the desperate need for investment in community facilities, concerns about the design, layout and condition of the centre.

An outline planning consent was granted in September 2007 part of redevelopment scheme, but due to the downturn in the property market, this was put on hiatuses.

Since then a comprehensive review has been carried out and a revised scheme prepared which should be deliverable in the current economic climate.

The final plan outlined ready for planning permission, is likely to be submitted in parallel with the replacement secondary school plan (Site currently occupied by Llanederyn High School) in June 2011.

You might be wondering where the money is coming from, but like the new proposed business and convention centre in city centre, the Private Sector will fund the development.

Upon outline planning approval , Cardiff Council will open the redevelopment to a competitive tender.

Ideally the development will start late 2012 to early 2013. The planned development will encompass 100s of residential accommodation, from family homes to appartments. Cardiff Council have outlined between 30%-40% for affordable housing - to assist first time buyers. It is not yet confirmed if any accommodation will be for social housing needs.

The existing appartment block within the shopping centre, will remain, but may undergo refurbishment, dependant of the Private Sector Tender Plans.

It is expected that after the development, a knock on effect, will increase local property prices by 10-15%.

The existing shopping centre will be knocked down and replaced with a through road with plenty of commercial premises built around. The new parking will be placed in between the retail space to enchance the usage and viability of the site. It is is expected that the leases for the retail space, will issued after the Private developer planning permission has be obtained.

Peter from Cardiff Council - in charge of the strategic plans for Cardiff Council, has advised Kingstons, that progress will move extremely quickly, as Cardiff Council are quite keen on this area being developed.

We will keep you updated on the progress of project as each stage furthers on.

If you want to enquire about the available commercial leases expected to come on the market, please email