Please find details of our emergency contractors below. Contractors will only attend outside of office hours in cases of genuine emergencies. If your issue is not an emergency, then please report your issue to our office via;

Emergencies Contact ONLY maintenance request

And we’ll arrange for a contractor to attend as soon as possible.

Please be aware that you will be required to pay the contractors up front, and as long as the contractor can confirm that you did not cause the problem, we may arrange reimbursement. This is necessary as contractors will not be able to confirm you live in a managed property when they attend.

Please know that if you do call for a non-emergency you will be liable for an unnecessary call out charge.

If you're unable to arrange attendance with one of the contractors listed below (i.e. they do not respond or they are unable to attend), then providing it is one of the genuine emergencies listed, you may source your own contractor. However, we will need to see evidence that you have contacted all the below numbers in the first instance by phone or text and allowed for a reasonable response time for the specific emergency issue.

Please ensure you receive a detailed invoice or receipt and provide to it to us as quickly as possible so that we may arrange reimbursement. If you do not wish to use one of the contracts listed below and you arrange attendance with a contractor not in association with Kingstons, then the charge for the attendance will fully be your responsibility and we will not make any arrangements for reimbursement, regardless if the contractor your arranged to attend believes you are not liable for or caused the problem

Plumbing Heating and Gas Issues

The following scenario(s) are considered to be genuine emergencies:

  • Escape of water, where the leak cannot easily be contained. You must on the first instance attempt to isolate your water from the stop tap. Please ensure you know where this is located in your property
  • Smelling gas or a carbon monoxide alarm is sounding constantly. Initially, you must contact the National Grid on 0800 111 999 , who will advise you accordingly.

Please note that if the issue is no hot water, you must ensure you have checked your boiler pressure is between 1 and 2 (optimal being read at 1.5). If you pressure is reading below 1 on your boiler, you must ensure you have topped up the pressure for your hot water. If the issue is no heating, you must ensure your radiator(s) have been bled to ensure there is no air in the central heating system and that once you have bled the radiator(s) ensure your boiler pressure is between 1 and 2 (optimal being read at 1.5). If the issues are still ongoing you should then contact the out of hours contractors.

Please be aware as to whether your property has homecare cover on the boiler. You will have received an advice email from our maintenance team with this information, or a notice will be on the boiler, please check this and ring the designated number for your boiler repair cover in the first instance.

Penylan Heating and Plumbing Services

029 2000 4111

L&S Gas Care

07926 57618 / 07713 042656

Electrical Issues

The following scenario(s) are considered to be genuine emergencies:

  • Fuse board failure/continual tripping of power
  • Electrical burning
  • Fire alarms sounding continuously and not in need of battery replacements

Where you have no power in all or a significant part of the property, you will need to ensure you have checked the fuse board for any tripped circuits and turn these back on. If no circuits have tripped/off you will need to check with Western Power Distribution if there is a power cut in your area. If you are still experiencing a power outage with no tripped circuits and there are not power cuts in your area should then contact the out of hours contractors.

Red Badge Electrical

07968 372897

Power Full Electrical

07426 704083


The following scenario(s) are considered to be genuine emergencies:

  • Front door lock seized/broken
  • Bedroom locks seized/broken
  • Lost keys and no access to spares to gain access (you will always be required to pay for this)
  • Front or back doors not locking
  • Security problems following break-in

Tony Locksmith's

07798 612837

Curley Locksmith's

07814 814184


The following scenario(s) are considered to be genuine emergencies:

  • Any structural problem which puts the safety of the contract-holders/neighbours/passers-by in danger, such as a collapsing wall/ceiling.

Ahmed El-Leif

07837 958544