Lettings And For Sale Boards – The Lowdown

Lettings And For Sale Boards – The Lowdown

Date Published 14 February 2014

Lettings and For Sale Boards – The Lowdown

This has been a long standing issue amongst local residents.

To Let' and 'For Sale' boards don't need planning permission if they satisfy Class 3A of Schedule 3 to Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) Regulations 1992. The regulations try to define what is allowed in great detail. For example, the rules allow only one sign per house or flat and require the board to be removed within 14 days of the sale or letting of property.

Most unscrupulous agents will regard this as permission to permanently leave a board on the property, as long as it does not display a let-by slip, even if it is currently rented for next 12 months. This tiny loophole, and the lack of research skills from the Cardiff Council Planning Enforcement Team, allows our streets to blighted by unnecessary marketing,

There is a need to make aware to potential customers of what properties are available, but still requires a balanced approach. I request that you pick a random estate/lettings agent board on the streets of Cardiff, contact the agent and a 50% Ratio of these advertised properties will not be available.

In addition, we are currently supporting action to be taken and have initiated support from many local MPs, to force any placement of advertisement boards, to be logged with the Local Authority.
The Local Authority will then be expected to monitor, the Agent Board List against Council Tax records, to confirm if the property is available or not. If the agent is not adhering, then a formal request to remove will be sent, or if further ignored or consistently abused, fines maybe imposed.

From Kingston's perspective, our Lettings Boards are uniquely referenced – which if checked against our Website or Mobile Webapp in real-time – will actually be available.

When we rent the property, we will advertise so and remove the board within the required 14 Day Timescale. This in our experience completely avoids any customer disappointment from the enquiry point of view and keeps local residents happy that the visual amenity is not being abused.

Hopefully in the future, enforcement of control of advertisements will actually be enforced. For more information or to support this action – please contact us.