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Hmo Licensing Scheme - Plasnewydd 28 October 2014

Further to recent consultations with landlords, and letting agents alike, Cardiff Council have sought to implement a HMO Licensing scheme for Plasnewydd, which, in turn encompasses a lot of the Roath area. For further details, please refer to Cardiff Council"s website.... Read More

How The Green Deal Effects Landlords 19 June 2014

The Green deal has come into effect as of 1st October 2012. This will allow property owners to upgrade parts of their property with energy efficient measures. This will be given as a loan but must be offset by the savings made. There should not in theory, be any increase of the occupiers bills, as they will be using them more efficiently.... Read More

We Were Asked To Answer A Few Questions For Cardiff University`s Official Newspaper, Gair Rhydd 14 February 2014

We were asked to answer a few questions for Cardiff University"s official newspaper, Gair Rhydd. See our answers below, ahead of their Housing Week edition on 26th November. 1. On average, how many student properties do you rent annually? 250+ Properties 2.... Read More

Kingstons Sponsor Mountain Ben Nevis Climb For Niger Water Wells 26 May 2011

Water is the basic liquid of life. However, over one billion people worldwide have no access to safe drinking water, and almost half the world"s population lack adequate sanitation. This affects their health, their environment, their basic dignity and their children"s future.... Read More

Sponsorship Of The Uwic Riders’ Are A Rugby Team 18 May 2011

Kingstons are proud to be the main sponsor for the UWIC Riders Rugby Team: The UWIC Riders' are a rugby team consisting of players from the University of Wales Institute Cardiff. This elite 7's team takes its name from the infamous, and very messy, bus service that transports them to and from Cardiff city centre on nights out.... Read More

Student Sponsorship 22 February 2011

Kingstons are happy to announce that we sponsor the Malaysian Students" Society of Cardiff (MSSCF) - Winners of the best society award: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=144742365539185 Read More